Cypress Info

AUSTRALIAN CYPRESS - Callitris Glaucophilla

Environmentally Safe – Chemical Free

The earth’s atmosphere contains “greenhouse gases” including carbon dioxide. Young vigorously growing trees help to maintain the balance of atmospheric gases by absorbing carbon dioxide and storing carbon as wood.

As forests age and tree growth slows, carbon dioxide conversion declines. In sustainably managed natural forests, older trees are harvested for timber products while the new and remaining young growing trees continue to extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Sustainable management of Australian Cypress forests is based upon a narural cycle of growth and regrowth that ensures future timber needs, and protects the natural environment whilst providing a safe haven for flora and fauna.


Shrinkage: Tangential 2.6%Radial 2.4%

Strength: S5 UnseasonedSD6 Seasoned

Modules or Rupture: 71MPa Unseasoned 79MPa Seasoned

Crushing Strength: 40MPa Unseasoned53MPa Seasoned

Modules of Elasticity: 7.7GPa Unseasoned9.0GPa Seasoned

Durability: Heartwood ( Class1) against decay and Insect attack

Janka Hardness: Very Hard 5.6kN Unseasoned6.5kN Seasoned

Fixing: Cypress is prone to splitting, predrilling is recommended

Glueing: Satisfactory

Finishing: Cypress finishes well with both water and oil base applications

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